DVD info

ALL of our DVD-Rs are Region Free, also known as Region O.  They will play in ANY DVD player worldwide, regardless of the Region Code of the machine. They are formatted in NTSC. These are exclusive titles.

We use high-grade media and directly print on disc.

CD info

ALL CDs will play in any player. They are sourced from high quality audio masters; however, audio fidelity subject to original source tapes.

We use high-grade media and directly print on disc.


We aim to ship as soon as possible. An e-mail will be sent to you once shipment is complete. (And if it’s only a partial ship, we’ll let you know what to expect). We also do our best to minimize shipping cost. Regular discs in sleeves will ship in cardboard mailers. Bigger shipments and/or cases will ship in secure vinyl mailers. Tracking is usually not included for 1-2 discs. International tracking will require prior arrangement and special handling and subject to surcharge on top of postal fee. (Starts at $13.50).

Return Policy / Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to provide great quality products but it is important to understand that these rare discs will vary significantly in quality from title to title. Every effort is made to obtain the best possible source material and we regularly upgrade our titles for improved audio & video quality. Please keep in mind that this is archive material and rare and hard to find.

We CANNOT accept returns for replacement or refund simply because you did NOT like the title or felt that the quality was sub-standard.  Any physical defects, damaged discs will be replaced as soon as possible but only for the same title.